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Recap: President Obama’s Nuclear Week

Also published here. Back on March 31, Marc Ambinder over at The Atlantic posted something that made me smile: Next week kicks off nuclear madness month at the White House — or, as one senior administration official resignedly describes it, “all nukes, all the time.” If you’re a nuke/national security blogger or journalist, last week [...]
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Hyperventilating Over President Obama’s Nuke Policies

Also published here. Today, in Prague, Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitri Medvedev signed a New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or New START. I’ve written quite a bit about New START; in one of my posts, I described it as a “maintenance agreement”. It’s a big deal that they’re signing it, but it’s also routine. It [...]
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Rudy Giuliani’s Uninformed Nuclear Weapons Spin

Also published here. One thing that I have discovered while reading and writing about nuclear weapons issues is that there is a lot of middle ground when it comes to political views. I’ll utter the dreaded “B Word” and say that nukes are a truly bipartisan issue; it’s possible to have a reasonable discussion without [...]
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