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On Clocks, Nuclear Armageddon, and President Obama

Originally published here. On September 26, 1945, a group of scientists from the Metallurgical Laboratory of the University of Chicago put months of informal discussions into formal text, and founded an organization that they called the Atomic Scientists of Chicago. The Metallurgical Laboratory was part of the Manhattan Project; in fact, anyone who had been [...]
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Looking for a New START

Originally published here. Last week, in the midst of the tense Copenhagen climate conference negotiations, brief news stories began to surface regarding an impending meeting between Presidents Obama and Medvedev. It wasn’t to be just any meeting: after nearly a year of complicated negotiations in Geneva between Russian and American diplomats, as well as several [...]
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A New Approach to US Nuclear Policy: Deterring Nuclear Terrorism

Originally published here. Back in August of this year, the Pentagon released two fact sheets on the Nuclear Posture Review, or NPR. As it states quite simply, the objective of the NPR is: To establish U.S. nuclear policy, strategy, capabilities and force posture for the next 5 – 10 years. At the time, a number [...]
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