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State of the Union: Nuclear Arms Control Edition

Originally published here. I’m going to put on my very partisan hat here, and take the wonky one off, for a short comment on what I think was an important part of President Obama’s State of the Union Address last night. If there’s one thing that has stood out about the Barack Obama’s approach to [...]
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Looking for a New START

Originally published here. Last week, in the midst of the tense Copenhagen climate conference negotiations, brief news stories began to surface regarding an impending meeting between Presidents Obama and Medvedev. It wasn’t to be just any meeting: after nearly a year of complicated negotiations in Geneva between Russian and American diplomats, as well as several [...]
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‘They have no idea what a nuclear bomb is.’ – Americans’ Changing Perception of Nuclear Weapons

Originally published here. Several weeks ago, the Albuquerque Journal published a very short but very important article. It was buried in the usual pile of stories about local crime, sports, and politicians; if it wasn’t for the large photo that accompanied the hard copy version of the article, it probably would have gone largely unnoticed. [...]
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