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We Were All Equal In The End

And as the windshield melts My tears evaporate Leaving only charcoal to defend. Finally I understand the feelings of the few. Ashes and diamonds Foe and friend We were all equal in the end. – Pink Floyd, “Two Suns In The Sunset” Years ago, I swore that I’d never begin a blog post or an [...]
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Nuclear Security Summit Wrap Up

Also published here. For the past eight years or so, the Nuclear Threat Initiative has commissioned a series of reports called “Securing The Bomb“. The lead author of these reports is Harvard professor Matthew Bunn, who is an expert in nuclear security and proliferation. The reports deal with the ongoing problem of poorly secured weapons-grade [...]
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Recap: President Obama’s Nuclear Week

Also published here. Back on March 31, Marc Ambinder over at The Atlantic posted something that made me smile: Next week kicks off nuclear madness month at the White House — or, as one senior administration official resignedly describes it, “all nukes, all the time.” If you’re a nuke/national security blogger or journalist, last week [...]
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