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We Were All Equal In The End

And as the windshield melts My tears evaporate Leaving only charcoal to defend. Finally I understand the feelings of the few. Ashes and diamonds Foe and friend We were all equal in the end. – Pink Floyd, “Two Suns In The Sunset” Years ago, I swore that I’d never begin a blog post or an [...]
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And Now For Something Completely Different

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I’m doing Very Serious Wonky Blogging over at Arms Control Wonk now; I’ll do some of that here from time to time as well, but I also figured this blog would be a good place for some of the less serious stuff, and even some “meta” discussions. So, [...]
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Blogging Update

I realize I haven’t posted anything here in a long time, so I figured I’d give all (ten? twenty?) readers of this site a brief update. Although I intend to keep posting stuff here from time to time, the reason I’ve been neglecting the site is that I’m now a guest contributor at Arms Control [...]
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