Growing up in New Mexico during the Cold War made me very aware of the interplay between science, the defense industry, and all the related political and environmental consequences. It is no surprise, then, that part of my undergraduate Bachelor of Sciences work in chemistry at Colorado State University was spent as an intern with the Department of Energy, working with Cold War nuclear bomb waste at the Hanford Site in Washington State.

It’s also no surprise that I’ve devoted a lot of my time to writing about nuclear weapons and their role in national security. As a former Contributing Editor at Daily Kos, I wrote under the handle “Plutonium Page” (a nickname I earned at Hanford) as well as my real name; you’ll find all of those writings cross-posted here at the Plutonium Café.

You can also find me at Arms Control Wonk. Please click here for my posts.

My goal with this website is to continue to bring you analysis and insight into the US nuclear weapons complex as well as national and global security issues. I’ll also be focusing on the environmental impact of the Cold War, which is an area that I feel needs more attention.

Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. Welcome to my blog.

Page van der Linden
Albuquerque, New Mexico