Going Rogue: Can You Build Your Own Nuclear Arsenal?

So you think you're smart, huh? Maybe even sneaky? Could you easily build your own nuclear arsenal without anyone finding out? Test your cleverness with the Stimson Center's new online game, Cheater's Risk. The background is fascinating:

As part of Stimson's “Unblocking the Road to Zero” project, which seeks to advance the debate about negotiated nuclear disarmament as a viable and practical policy option, Alex Bollfrass and Barry Blechman have developed Cheater's Risk,  an online game that explores the dynamics of a world without nuclear weapons. Players take on the challenge of breaking out of a hypothetical disarmament regime without being detected by national intelligence services and international monitors. Depending on which country is selected, different pathways to the bomb are available. As the player navigates the pathways, the cumulative odds of detection are calculated.  At the end, famed weapons inspector Hans Blix determines if the player has gotten away with it or has been caught.  The game is founded upon empirical research, published in Elements of a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty, an edited volume showing how to overcome technical obstacles to disarmament.

When I played the game as the Netherlands, I managed to amass 1-5 nukes, but it was by sheer luck that I didn't get discovered while I acquired all the materials.

Watch the trailer:

Cheater's Risk Trailer from Henry L. Stimson Center on Vimeo.

Check out the game. Are you feeling lucky?

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