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On Pundits, Politicians, and Listening to the Experts

An interesting guest column appeared in today’s Des Moines Register, written by the current Physicians for Social Responsibility Board President. Here’s his main point: In a world where uninformed opinions are too often passed off as information, sometimes the best prescription is to listen to the experts. Here’s hoping that senators heed the advice of [...]
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New START ratification: “not a bipartisan but a non-partisan challenge…”

Last month, the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (SFRC) began a series of hearings on the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which Presidents Obama and Medevedev signed at the beginning of April. I’ve written extensively about the treaty, which is an agreement between the United States and Russia that was first signed in 1991. [...]
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Nuclear Follies: How Not To Stem the BP Oil Gusher

Also published here. Over the past few years, as I've written about various aspects of nuclear weapons and nuclear non-proliferation issues, I've observed one particularly disturbing trend, which is the rather cavalier attitude people have toward “nukes”. I'm not a sociologist, and I haven't conducted a formal study, but there's a tendency among people online [...]
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