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Winning the Nuclear PR War

Also published here. It was in 1983, one of the most tense years of the Cold War, when the Reagan administration was deploying Pershing II missiles in Europe, and the arms race with the Soviet Union was at a fevered pitch, that a young man at Columbia University wrote a rather interesting article discussing the [...]
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Vice President Biden: ‘The test ban treaty is as important as ever.’

Also published here. It’s turning out to be a rather eventful week for nuclear weapons news, on both the domestic front and the international stage. For the sake of clarity, I’m going to deal with what’s going on in the US in this post, and address international issues separately. First of all, the Obama administration [...]
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The Possibility of Global Zero: An Interview with Ambassador Richard Burt

Also published here. Back in January, I found myself smiling over the title of an article: “Arms Control: It’s Back and Hot!” I was amused, because in my mind, nuclear arms control never went away. It’s just that the general public has lost interest over the years. However, thanks to the efforts of various non-governmental [...]
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