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Shades of Grey: "Grading" the Obama Administration on Biological Threats

Originally published here. There’s a saying in journalism: “If it bleeds, it leads.” The saying traditionally applies to crime reporting, but can be expanded to describe how the traditional media and many blogs approach any story they perceive as “dramatic”, or better yet, “dangerous”. Last week’s national security headlines were a classic example of drama [...]
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State of the Union: Nuclear Arms Control Edition

Originally published here. I’m going to put on my very partisan hat here, and take the wonky one off, for a short comment on what I think was an important part of President Obama’s State of the Union Address last night. If there’s one thing that has stood out about the Barack Obama’s approach to [...]
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On Clocks, Nuclear Armageddon, and President Obama

Originally published here. On September 26, 1945, a group of scientists from the Metallurgical Laboratory of the University of Chicago put months of informal discussions into formal text, and founded an organization that they called the Atomic Scientists of Chicago. The Metallurgical Laboratory was part of the Manhattan Project; in fact, anyone who had been [...]
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