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The Atomic Rulebook: Iran and IAEA Safeguard Violations

Originally published here. A Page From History, And The Atomic Rulebook On December 8, 1953, US President Dwight D. Eisenhower proposed that there should be an international, independent, nuclear watchdog agency, an organization to monitor “the dread secret and the fearful engines of atomic might…”. Thus, in 1957, the International Atomic Energy Agency, or IAEA [...]
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Playing Chess With Russia: An Update on the New START Agreement

Originally published here. Normally, the New York Post is a publication known for tabloid-style stories with a right-wing slant. However, in January 2009, they published a short but fascinating inauguration story on something that has the feel of a whispered legend… but it’s entirely real. The story was about the “football“: The nuclear “football” was [...]
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‘They have no idea what a nuclear bomb is.’ – Americans’ Changing Perception of Nuclear Weapons

Originally published here. Several weeks ago, the Albuquerque Journal published a very short but very important article. It was buried in the usual pile of stories about local crime, sports, and politicians; if it wasn’t for the large photo that accompanied the hard copy version of the article, it probably would have gone largely unnoticed. [...]
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